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Providing excellent chiropractic care to York, East York, York City and West York, Pennsylvania since 1996. Participating with all insurance, including Highmark , CareFirst , Medicare , any Blue Cross/ Blue Shield plans.

Meet the Chiropractor

  • Dr.
    Ron Czop

    “I can’t tell you exactly when my own back problems began,” says York chiropractor Ronald Czop.

    “Was it that one bad fall from a tree? Or playing neighborhood sports on the concrete? Who knows? Like most people, I accepted my aches and pains and worked through them to the best of my ability. Since doctors only offered me pain medication, what choice did I have?”

    Then, while studying chemistry in graduate school, Dr. Czop reconnected with a boyhood friend who was going to chiropractic school, and everything changed. “Suddenly, there were options! I knew I had to learn more about the benefits and healing powers of chiropractic. Having worked my way through college in a local pharmacy, I felt instinctively that there had to be alternative natural ways of dealing with pain and disease, rather than medicating everyone for everything. Chiropractic was the natural approach I’d been looking for.”

    After completing his chiropractic education at Pennsylvania College of Chiropractic in 1981, Dr. Czop began practicing in Buckingham before eventually settling in York. For the past 30 years, he has pursued the idea of offering natural health care to as many patients as possible. Since optimal posture, spinal alignment and normal physiology are related, Dr. Czop focuses on correcting posture and spinal alignment through chiropractic adjustments and deep muscle work, allowing function to return to normal. Although most M.D.s pay little attention to posture, abnormal posture is evident in patients with chronic and acute stress related illnesses. By restoring correct posture, healing can begin.

    Dr. Czop practices what he preaches!

    “I get adjusted at least every couple of weeks, and my wife and daughter are also lifelong chiropractic patients. I prefer to hike in nature as opposed to walking down a road.” When it comes to exercise, he’s like most people – super dedicated for a couple of months, and then slacks off for a bit. “The secret,” he says, “is variety and not overdoing it. I am much more disciplined when it comes to diet and vitamins.”

    Back pain doesn’t have to become a permanent fixture in your life. Please give our York chiropractic office a call so we can eliminate your pain, prevent it from coming back and improve your overall health! I look forward to meeting you in person so we can discuss your specific health challenge.